You can trust our experience in geriatric care

The partners of Peachtree Canada Wellness Inc. have over 80 combined years of experience in developing, managing, and providing culturally appropriate services to seniors.

One-of-a-kind leadership team

Our team has expertise and a proven track record in designing and operating innovative continuums of care that deliver effective and efficient outcomes for seniors, and their families. Based on our deep insight into the trends and best practices of senior care and lifestyle strategies, our customized approach emphasizes close collaboration with all levels of the client organization throughout the design and operating process, including practical infrastructure and HR design issues, impactful training and development, and quality risk management. Consequently, our clients build more capable organizations, achieve a sustainable competitive advantage, and secure lasting quality.

Services we provide

We provide development, contract management and consulting services designed to help your organization maximize its resources and improve quality. We offer:

Pre-Development Planning Services

  • Market research and analysis
  • Preparation for governmental proposal
  • Operation plan
  • Building décor plan
  • Functional Program Planning

Pre-Opening Operations Planning

  • Operation plan and schedule
  • Human resources
  • Purchasing
  • Financial and administrative services
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Policy and procedures development

Training Programs

  • Education for front-line support and care workers, supervisor and management personnel, and instructors
  • Risk Management and Continuous Quality Improvement
  • Audit

Pre-Opening Leasing and Marketing

  • Marketing plan
  • Pre-leasing presentation
  • Media plan and relations
  • Marketing event program
  • Moving in plan

We’re flexible

What is your vision? Where are you in your project planning? How big is your team?

No matter how big your goals are, no matter what stage you are in your project—even if you’re just getting started—we will work with you to deliver on your vision. We are happy to customize our approach to make your project a reality.