Peachtree Canada Wellness Inc. provides consultation and R&D services for cutting-edge solutions aimed at delivering quality care and enhanced lifestyle to seniors across the world. At Peachtree, we all share the same passion—to make a difference in the quality of life of seniors regardless of their location and health status.

As a global consulting firm, we partner with business owners, government and non-governmental leaders to develop and implement:

  • A continuum of senior care service models and quality life style solutions
  • Infrastructure, facility and operations management tools
  • Human resources design, development and training programs
  • Quality and risk management courses

Our Vision

We see post-retirement years as the golden time for seniors to enjoy their lives, either in the comfort of their own homes or in supportive environments. We want to see each senior enjoy a lifestyle of his or her choice, continue to make friendships and receive high-quality services he or she may need.

We believe in the importance of helping seniors stay healthy and independent. With proper support and care, we know that all seniors can feel valued and enjoy their life to the fullest. We believe that they deserve to be loved and feel dignified… even when their health fails.

Our Experience

Our expertise and a proven track record in designing and operating a continuum of care for seniors are second to none. We deliver effective and efficient outcomes for seniors, their families and regulating authorities. Our clients turn to us for our practical infrastructure and HR design, impactful training and development, and quality risk management.

Our Team

The partners of Peachtree Canada Wellness Inc. are leaders in geriatric care services. Collectively, we have over 50 years of experience in developing, managing and providing culturally-appropriate services to seniors.

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Seniors Tsunami

With the exponential growth of the senior population across the globe, many governments are seeking expert advice on the development of national strategies to deliver proper healthcare infrastructures. Many organizations see senior services as an enormous business opportunity and are looking to build and manage senior residences and care facilities.

Our extensive experience makes us a strong partner in the development of standards, systems and programs for seniors. We offer creative solutions to improve the quality of life of seniors.